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When Dreams Transcend Morning

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March 3rd, 2013

12:03 am - Too Many Feels
There are too many feels here, but I am attempting to blog again so head on over to Spare Room Walls.
Current Location: United States, California
Current Mood: thirstythirsty

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February 22nd, 2012

08:39 pm - Only and always...

... try to be brave.
Current Mood: refreshedrefreshed

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September 24th, 2011

01:40 am - The Last Dollar

Let me see if I remember how it goesCollapse )

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May 21st, 2008

12:06 am - Me and Jo on Ellen?

I started a facebook group about this, but if any of you are interested in helping me out and haven't heard of the master plan through facebook or myspace, here's the synopsis:

This is what I need from you guys: please email Ellen Degeneres (http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/respond/?PlugID=10)

As a suggestion for the show, recommend this video:

Give a brief introduction about how you know myself (or that Jo person) and then why you personally think this is an issue that needs to be addressed! If you need motivation, watch the video first. Then, explain why you think this is an issue that Ellen should address on her show and/or why she should have myself or Jo on the show personally, to talk about our struggles.

Binational gay couples are the remaining unspoken voice in this issue, and currently we have the media's attention. Now is the time to make this issue come to the forefront.

Thank you for all your help!

Current Music: Red Fox Grey Fox

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April 8th, 2008

08:43 pm - Bi-National Leprous Leprechauns

I told them "The Hours" was copyrighted, but did they listen? Nooo...

Current Mood: stressedstressed

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February 25th, 2008

04:43 pm - Obladi, Oblada
I actually did homework today which leads me to believe I might actually graduate. Wouldn't that be... terrifying.

Yeah I'm scared shitless at the realization. Something about this stupid month throws my life at me headlong. Damn you Dar Williams. Damn you, February. I end up wrapped up in pasts and futures and can't make sense of the present. Where does that get anybody?

Don't you ever kind of wonder what it would have been like if you'd done things differently? Worked harder, stayed single longer? Minus the mistakes would I still be where I am?

About a week and a half ago we finally mailed a package to Jo's Mum and Dad which contained my Christmas present to them. It is a book of Scriptures and it has one of those nice little attached ribbon bookmarks. When Jo's Mum got it, she said she opened it and that bookmark was right between two of her favorite passages. One helped her get through the period in her life when one of her sons was off raising hell all night. The other is on their fridge currently.

What does that mean?

I am moving to New Zealand in 127 days.

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February 14th, 2008

04:32 pm - Happy Hallmark Holiday

This has been my life, of late:

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April 15th, 2007

07:52 pm - horizonhead

I've realized that I have a serious problem. It's like this:

I should have seen Vertical Horizon in their early days. And by their early days, I mean little more than a decade ago. I know I was eleven, but why the hell wasn't I out spending all my allowance to see live versions of "Sunrays and Saturdays?"

These people can do no wrong in my mind. I am sickly compelled to model my life as a musician after this band. And I don't even like their new songs. I keep buying the CDs, because it's fucking Vertical Horizon, but WHY WHY WHY couldn't I have been old enough to appreciate them while they were still an acoustic jam band???



Listening to "The Man Who Would Be Santa" through headphones in the art department is no substitute for front row tickets.

Oh, early to mid 1990s. I'm sorry I was too young for you.

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic

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July 4th, 2005

05:17 pm - Friends Only

Friends Only from here on out, kids. It's a rough life, but somebody's got to live it.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:thindictionary
Your haiku:bar tonight felt right
at home kate sat in the fire
ring because it was
Created by Grahame

Current Mood: hypereverchanging

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July 2nd, 2005

02:48 pm - Sting

She's in a nest of hornets
one more irritating than the rest
circling back, and back again.
She tries to swat away the buzzing
the nauseating hum
but you know how hornets are.
So she gives up, gives in
takes a sting, another
a furious scratch
to the wrist, the shoulder, the soul.
It's not that she wants to die
she just wants to feel a different pain.

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